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My new phone (and its ringtones)

 This summer, I finally got a new phone! My old, trusty phone was beginning to have a "sticky" keypad, making it difficult to dial or text with accuracy, so I knew it was time, So... I am the proud owner of a LG enV2, a phone that opens up into a keyboard for easier texting. I am loving this feature, and the phone is awesome. Hooray!

On an unrelated note, Aly let me download the complete remastered Beatles collection because she'd gotten it as a "press sample." I have been enjoying it thoroughly! It is fantastic, and I never had all of the albums before. 

So... I decided to create a series of ringtones/sounds for my phone, using the remastered Beatles. My phone is Beatles-themed, which I find extremely cute and fun. A general phone call plays "Here Comes the Sun." A text message is the "Beep-beep, beep-beep, yeah!" part of "Drive My Car." A few people have custom ringtones, too. When Doris calls, it is "Good Day Sunshine," and when my mom (Lucy) calls, it is "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."

HOW, you might ask, did non-tech-savvy me figure out how to make ringtones?! Well, first of all, I did not begin by doing it the easy way. I tried to create mini songs on Garage Band, drag them onto an SD chip and put them on the phone. NONE of that worked!

THEN I discovered Myxer, which allowed me to make custom ringtones online, and then it texted them to me, all for FREE!!!! I am spreading the word about this, because I was so, so skeptical that Myxer was not going to work, was going to charge me for the service somehow, etc. But it did NOT. It was 100% free, and was exactly what I was looking for. My ringtones sound great and I am enjoying them sooo much!
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