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Happy Halloween!

 So I guess it is official.... it is Halloween! I am very very excited! I am like a little kid when Halloween comes around!!

This year I had an elaborate costume idea planned with Ryan... we were going to be the 1930s era "Universal monsters," featuring me as the Bride of Frankenstein. Well, a few monsters dropped out, so we are tabling that idea till next year. Then, my roomie Alexandra and I were going to be beauty pageant children, however, she was feeling a little broke, so she couldn't really swing the cost of the pageant stuff. (Neither could I for that matter.) 

So... I was struggling with an idea for a costume. It was Susan who actually suggested "someone from Star Trek." No sooner than she said that, I realized it was meant to be!


And so, I purchased a red mini dress at American Apparrel and crafted a Starfleet logo out of gold fabric. I tacked on a black collar onto the dress, and voila! It was done. Then comes the hard part. The Yeoman Rand WIG!!!! For those of you who are not Trekkies, behold:

Rand's 'do is a basketwoven beehive! What I ended up doing is purchasing two blonde wigs from Party City. My plan was to mount one atop the other to achieve the beehive, then to weave the top front of the hair. Well, I am not ready to post a pic yet, but this much I'll say....

...under no circumstances did I think it would EVER come out this great!!! I am seriously SO SO proud of it!!! Pictures will come soon!!! I love Halloween!!

Here's wishing you all a wonderful All Hallow's Eve! :)


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Nov. 1st, 2009 02:04 am (UTC)
This is an extra special Halloween
Because it lasts for 25 hours! Hope you enjoy your extra hour!
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