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Once again, I am a delinquent LJer. Sigh. Maybe it's because Twitter and Facebook are faster... I don't really want to lose touch with this space that was so important to me for so many years. Last time I posted, I was recommitted to Weight Watchers and health, and that is still going really well. My total weight lost is 22 pounds! Very happy about that.

In other exciting news, I've taken up running! Using the Couch to 5K (c25k) program, I got started. It is a 9 week program that has you running 5k distances (or 30 minutes) by the end. I just completed the 6th week and will be starting the 7th on Tuesday! Very exciting! I used to not like running, but I think it's mostly because I would try to run with someone experienced, then I'd end up not having an enjoyable experience because I didn't train or ease into it properly. I have a handy podcast that tells me when to walk and run when there are intervals. Cool stuff! I've even registered for the Susan G Komen Race For The Cure, which I'll do in September!

My really lofty goal at the moment is to run a half-marathon in February because there is a Disney Princess Half-Marathon! It would be totally awesome to do a race in Disneyworld!

Well, I am testing this LJ app... I am hoping maybe it'll help me get back into my LJ blogging. :)

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Spock Shrug

Happy Halloween from Yeoman Rand!

IMG_2071, originally uploaded by Alliegee.

It was a lovely and successful Halloween night! I had a blast! First off, the weather was rather rainy so I was glad to not be out in the parade. Second, I was very-very excited to see Jason perform with one of his bands. It was my first time seeing him play out, so it was very fun! Third, my Yeoman Rand costume was a HIT! Well, she is obscure, so I knew not a lot of people would "get it." However most people said it was awesome and cool, and recognized me as a Star Trek girl.

But then... only 1 person REALLY got it! He was an older dude and definitely a Trekkie. He came up to me and said, "Hello, are you Janice?" I said "YES!" He said, "I'm a fan of the show and I'm a fan of Janice. You wear it well!" I was thrilled to be recognized/appreciated by someone! Doris predicted that there would be very few recognitions.

Jason's show was excellent!! Sullivan Hall was a cool venue and the band (especially Jason, not that I'm biased or anything - lol) sounded amazing! It was tough getting around though since it was really close to the parade. However, that also made it really exciting -- seeing all of the cool costumes and stuff go by. It was almost like we were IN the parade, simply by being near it!

Overall a superrrrr Halloween! :) I hope everyone else had fun, too!

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Happy Halloween!

 So I guess it is official.... it is Halloween! I am very very excited! I am like a little kid when Halloween comes around!!

This year I had an elaborate costume idea planned with Ryan... we were going to be the 1930s era "Universal monsters," featuring me as the Bride of Frankenstein. Well, a few monsters dropped out, so we are tabling that idea till next year. Then, my roomie Alexandra and I were going to be beauty pageant children, however, she was feeling a little broke, so she couldn't really swing the cost of the pageant stuff. (Neither could I for that matter.) 

So... I was struggling with an idea for a costume. It was Susan who actually suggested "someone from Star Trek." No sooner than she said that, I realized it was meant to be!


And so, I purchased a red mini dress at American Apparrel and crafted a Starfleet logo out of gold fabric. I tacked on a black collar onto the dress, and voila! It was done. Then comes the hard part. The Yeoman Rand WIG!!!! For those of you who are not Trekkies, behold:

Rand's 'do is a basketwoven beehive! What I ended up doing is purchasing two blonde wigs from Party City. My plan was to mount one atop the other to achieve the beehive, then to weave the top front of the hair. Well, I am not ready to post a pic yet, but this much I'll say....

...under no circumstances did I think it would EVER come out this great!!! I am seriously SO SO proud of it!!! Pictures will come soon!!! I love Halloween!!

Here's wishing you all a wonderful All Hallow's Eve! :)

Art Teacher

Quite possibly the best job.

 Being an art teacher RULES. I have now been teaching art to K-8 students at a Catholic school for 2 weeks now. I go two times per week, and I absolutely love it. I think any job where you get LOTS of hugs is awesome!

First off, there has not been an art teacher in over a year at this school. Before that, there was no art teacher. The kids WANT art and are EXCITED about doing art. They are really enthusiastic.

I was most worried about teaching the "big kids," specifically 7th and 8th grade. I was totally expecting the worst, and I have no experience with that age group. Well, they totally surprised me! They are two of my best classes! On my first day of school, a big tall 8th grade boy came up to me and very politely said, "Nice to meet you! Are you the new art teacher? What's your name?" My aunt remarked that it was the "Stepford 8th graders!" They are seriously SUCH nice kids, and it is a joy teaching them.

My most difficult classes are actually 3rd and 4th grade. It's not that they are "Bad," per se. Mostly it is just because they are loud and can get rowdy at times. 

The little kids, kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade, have art twice a week. They are done with their collages, which are about them. I'll share some photos soon. I brought home the first grade collages, and I will mount them on a piece of paper to create a display in the school. I had each child write a sentence or two about their artwork, so I'll mount that below each collage. It'll be great to see my students' art up in all of the halls! I will take photos of my displays! :)

A crazy thing happened the other day. After school one day I was organizing some materials and putting them in the closet. I saw kids getting ready to leave, putting on jackets, etc. Then I saw some parents picking up their children. Suddenly I look up and see someone I know! It was one of my MANAGERS from VS! She has been on leave from VS for a few weeks because she was taking care of a sick family member, so she didn't even know that I had gotten a teaching job. Well, - lo and behold! - my manager's child goes to the school. She is a 4th grader! How crazy and random to see someone I know there!! I couldn't believe it!

Last week, I placed my order for supplies. They should be arriving at the school by the time I teach next. Way excited!! I hope the order I placed was good. I found it kind of difficult to order paper when I couldn't feel it and see if it was good or not. Also, tempera paint -- it is hard to know if I got a good kind or not. Some school-grade tempera is really runny and the pigment is really weak. Hope it is good!

All of the other teachers are really nice -- I like them all! Everyone has been very helpful. The principal is a wonderful lady, and I like working with her a lot!

Very very happy with my teaching job. It is great being in the classroom!
Art Teacher

It's official!!!

 I am an art teacher!! :)

I have a job teaching art two days a week at a Catholic school, grades k-8! I am thrilled to be teaching! I love the principal; she's a great lady! :) Yesterday I went to the school to sign paperwork and to visit, look at what supplies they had, and to tour the school. Two 6th grade girls, D and D showed me around. They were so sweet! This was my favorite part of the tour:

D: "Also... I don't want to creep you out or anything, but we think there may be a GHOST."
Other D: "One time I was in that room over there and the piano started playing BY ITSELF!"
Me: "Oh! I hope it's a friendly ghost!"

I am going to be teaching on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It is a lovely school, and it takes me about an hour to get there from my place.

Anyway, I have a LOT of planning to do before next Wednesday. Wish me luck!

My new phone (and its ringtones)

 This summer, I finally got a new phone! My old, trusty phone was beginning to have a "sticky" keypad, making it difficult to dial or text with accuracy, so I knew it was time, So... I am the proud owner of a LG enV2, a phone that opens up into a keyboard for easier texting. I am loving this feature, and the phone is awesome. Hooray!

On an unrelated note, Aly let me download the complete remastered Beatles collection because she'd gotten it as a "press sample." I have been enjoying it thoroughly! It is fantastic, and I never had all of the albums before. 

So... I decided to create a series of ringtones/sounds for my phone, using the remastered Beatles. My phone is Beatles-themed, which I find extremely cute and fun. A general phone call plays "Here Comes the Sun." A text message is the "Beep-beep, beep-beep, yeah!" part of "Drive My Car." A few people have custom ringtones, too. When Doris calls, it is "Good Day Sunshine," and when my mom (Lucy) calls, it is "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."

HOW, you might ask, did non-tech-savvy me figure out how to make ringtones?! Well, first of all, I did not begin by doing it the easy way. I tried to create mini songs on Garage Band, drag them onto an SD chip and put them on the phone. NONE of that worked!

THEN I discovered Myxer, which allowed me to make custom ringtones online, and then it texted them to me, all for FREE!!!! I am spreading the word about this, because I was so, so skeptical that Myxer was not going to work, was going to charge me for the service somehow, etc. But it did NOT. It was 100% free, and was exactly what I was looking for. My ringtones sound great and I am enjoying them sooo much!
Art Teacher

Where I've been and where I am going.

 Oh, deardear LiveJournal. How I've neglected you!

As always, when I disappear from LJ-ville, it usually means BIG THINGS are going on, and I SHOULD be writing about them. Let me see, now.

The major thing in my life now is my career. I chose a FINE TIME to graduate with a MA in education: right in the middle of a citywide hiring freeze that affects new teachers in NYC. Public schools can't hire us. So, I had landed a position at a public elementary school, but they were unable to hire me. Later, a public high school was interested in me, but again -- couldn't hire me. Very, very frustrating!

What's a girl to do?

The answer: seek positions that are unaffected by the freeze: namely charter schools, private schools, and schools outside of NYC. I looked at New Jersey schools, and charter schools and private schools. 

A couple weeks ago I had two interviews. One was with a charter school (K-2nd grades) for a full-time position. The other with a Catholic school (K-8th grades) for a part-time position (2 days a week). Good news: I was offered the Catholic school job!!! I am waiting to hear from the charter school about their decision. that position is preferable obviously with full-time salary and benefits! However, if it doesn't pan out, I will gladly accept the job at the Catholic school and continue to fill my time with hours at Victoria's Secret.

Overall, I know that in some capacity, I will soon be IN A CLASSROOM, and MAKING ART WITH KIDS! This makes me VERY HAPPY! :) I just don't know if it will be full-time or part-time.

I should hear from the charter school tomorrow about their decision. Hope, hope, hope!
Lois: Draw you a diagram


 I have found a new favorite "zone" in my VS store: the push-up bras! Allow me to share my newfound wealth of information about bras! I will try out bras so you don't have to!

I myself used to shy away from push-up bras, thinking they'd make me look too big, or un-natural. I have learned the error of my ways, and am now sporting the newest addition to my bra wardrobe, the Dream Angels push-up. It comes in lots of stunning colors (I have the navy one), looks  and feels natural, gives great shaping,  and -- best of all! -- doesn't make me look like a dairy cow! The detailing on this bra is very feminine and pretty, and it looks smooth under clothing.

Dream Angels bras are distinct in that they are made with memory foam, so they really conform to your shape.

For anyone interested in acquiring a push-up bra, head to your local Victoria's Secret... there is a promotion going on right now where you receive a free panty with the purchase of a push-up bra! Woo!

OK - off I go to work!
Gilligan's Island ALLIE

Advice needed, computer-savvy friends!

 I have a Macbook, and my "startup disk is almost full." I am thinking this is mostly due to just having a lot of photos and media on there. How do you deal with this issue? I am thinking that I should dump old photos onto an external hard drive and/or burn 'em onto CDs, then delete them from the computer. Is that what most people do?

Up until now, I have been using the external HD as a back up, but keeping the files on my computer as well. Maybe that's just a waste!

Would love to clear up some space on my computer, but I am afraid of losing photos or having them be difficult to access. Thoughts?
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