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A Non-Quiz Update.

Last Night. Pumpkin soup and chicken + 40 cloves of garlic at Andrew's! Incredibly yummy! * I helped cut up a whole chicken. I had no idea what I was doing! Insanity! * Susan and I demanded ice cream. With toppings. Sad-eyeballs happened, and we got our way. * Emily, deadpan: "That's so great." * Susan felt on my booty, and I on hers. * Red pens are banned. * I helped with a bulletin board.

Tonight. Duane Reade shopping trip. * Wine, cheese, and extreme board games at Mari's! Hilarity will ensue. (!!!)

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I am incredibly proud of this and this, and of course, this! Help Susan's classroom, and make a donation to any of them! Even a veryvery seemingly-small partial-donation is a great-big help!!

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I can't put down I, Fatty by Jerry Stahl. So good, but so incredibly sad. Today on the bus, I thought about watching some of Roscoe Arbuckle's films, but then I thought that despite the fact that they are all comedies, I would just find them painfully heartbreaking, knowing all the backstory.
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